AOKY Creating An Entrepreneur: Mustafa's Story

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[Background Music] My name is Mustafa Murodov. This is my second year in taking the automotive classes. I always wanted to be a mechanic. I always wanted to work on cars since I was a little kid. When I moved here I wasn't speaking English very well. I heard about the program; it's AOKY program, which is an Accelerating Opportunity, and it helped me a lot.

Mustafa is a very persistent student. He--he's an English as a Second Language student. He approached me about Accelerating Opportunity and had to go through the process of applying and working on upgrading his language skills.

Mustafa moved here from Russia and he was always an excellent student in the lab. Reading and writing in English was a challenge. I think it's less of a challenge now in no small part to the AOKY program.

I love the classes. When you walk into the class first day everybody's shy. I met one guy and met the other one, and we talk and talk and talk, and you make friends.

Nick teaches the technical part of the program, and Marilyn supports him with basic skills training, so Nick will teach something about automotive brakes, Marilyn will support with the reading of the chapters/terms they may not know. They have papers to write working on those grammar skills.

When Nick talks about something and you don't understand it, she jumps out of there and helps--"okay that's what this means Mustafa". If I didn't know any book questions or anything I'll go to her and she'll teach me. I'm not a guy--type of guy what I learn from the book. I don't. I like from a hands on, and I'll you know watch my teacher doing it, then I go and work and you do it, you know you learn. You learn that everybody's different but that's how I learn. Accelerating Opportunity taught me faster. The accelerating program helped me for stepping up you know; it really did. The one-year program just helps make you step up. I've got a brake and I've got a front end mechanic, and I've got a ASE certified student. Every mechanic shop almost knows about JCTC Auto Mechanics School. Just go apply. You might as well go to school and learn at the same time that way you get more experience. My first job was Goodyear. Now I work for Michael Tires. Now I'm looking forward to work for a new place opening over here called Maserati of Louisville. It helped me a lot you know. I learned something in brake class and I can go the next day to work--oh, I see this-- one of our technicians doing it. I was like oh you know he teach me the other day you now that you learn over here, and the next day they might do it in the shop; it's awesome.

That's my favorite thing to see, to see a student go out get hired and sort of start making the life they want with the skills that they're learning in our program.

My future is to have my own shop. Since I was a little kid I always wanted to have my own shop, which is what I'm working for right now is to have my own shop. Accelerated Opportunity gave me a idea and gave me a step up like to open my shop.

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Joelle's Career Takes Off


After high school I didn't want to go to college, but I told my grandmother that I didn't want to go and she said, "Oh, no. You're going." I took a semester off so I had lost a lot of learning skills and habits that I gained when I took this program. And that's where I started college. Now I'm starting my second year of college.

Joelle is an exciting student to talk about. She was working in fast food and just really didn't have a future. She was kind of stuck in that fast food trap. She was also stuck in Developmental Ed. She knew she wanted a different job, a better job, but she just didn't really know where to start. Accelerating Opportunity was a program that she thought she might enjoy.

Before I took this program, I knew nothing about cars.

You see them, their mind change from something that has been very mysterious to something that not only is not any longer mysterious but it's something they can do. And to see those light bulbs go off, not just about how something works but about what their own capabilities are, I think ultimately that's my favorite thing about it.

I just saw a lot of confidence built in her over the semester.

It made me stronger and made me want to push myself more to do more. I like having both instructors.

Nick teaches the technical part of the program and Marilyn supports him with basic skills training.

It helps me because one teacher is more hands on, but my other teacher is really in the books. She does not let me slack. She is there for me when I'm really not there for myself. I actually told her that she was like my grandma, the other day. [Laughs] My grandmother is really proud of me. Yeah, she's the reason for all of this. When I saw this program I saw this program as a way to help me work my way up into the work field. I definitely think that employers really took the time out with me to look at me because I actually have lab experience. Today I work at Oxmoor Ford.

She was so excited the first day of classes. She called me and said, "Ms. Gina, I have gotten a job over the summer." She showed up in my office with her Oxmoor Ford polo on and she just wanted to make sure she was on time for work and for school, and in fact, I helped her somewhat rearrange her schedule for fall so that it would all work out.

Accelerating Opportunity really helped me writing my resume. I put my resume online and a lot of people still call. It's really helping people like me who want to get jobs in the industry. It's helping us get noticed.

I see a positive future for her career wise. Whether or not she works as a technician there's a lot of lucrative opportunity for somebody on the administrative side of things in a dealership or an independent shop.

This has changed me because before I came here I didn't know where to start. Accelerating Opportunity made me into a better person. I actually know what I want to do with my life now. I want to become a certified master mechanic. I know where I started from. I know where I'm going to finish. And I'm going to have a successful life.

But seeing a student who otherwise maybe would not go to college to earn some college credentials, and then when they get that job that's the best part of it.

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From full-time manufacturing worker to engineer: Javier's story

My name is Javier Cardenas. I work for Stober Drives. We produce over here, uh, gear boxes. I also have full student in Accelerated Opportunity Program.
It's been about 20 years since you know I was step in school, this was back in Mexico. I've been back and forward on trying to go to school but actually it was difficult for me between work and family and, you know, find the time to do it.
What I like most about the Accelerated Opportunity program is that I can get a degree in a short period of time and also you know, they offer classes online, and they work with me on the schedule. It's a great opportunity for me because they let me, you know, work and go to school at the same time. I want to be an engineer when I graduate from college.

My advisor helped me a lot. All the process and taking me to, you know, basically by hand, "This is what you are going to do; this is next. This is what you can do. This is what you don't want to do," and guides me perfectly to whatever I need. One thing I really like is the hands on. They know what they are talking about. They tell you what to do, how to do it more than, you know, just read the book and, you know, you are on your own. No, no.

Math you know, it's been a challenge for me because my language, my accent. I think you notice that.

I see, you know, the future. I can see. If you work hard, you will get whatever you...you cannot even imagine.

Just work hard.
(music playing) Acclerating Opportunity Pathways: Air Conditioning Technology, Allied Health/Nursing, Automotive Technology, Health Science Technology, Industrual Maintenance,
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mechatronics, Medical Assisting, Office Systems Technology, Welding Technology.
More Programs Are Being Added.
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Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky, a partnership of: Kentucky Adult Education, Kentucky Career Centers, KCTCS
Supported by: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Open Society Foundations, Jobs for the Future, National College Tranistions Network, National Council for Workforce Education, Washington State Board of Community & Technical Colleges

Javier two years later

My perspectives of my future is it's been changing after I started the Accelerating

Opportunity Program. New career, new goals and of course a new future [chuckles].

I'm still at Stober. And I'm still with the position, and it makes me feel more confident, you know,

from two years ago up to now because whatever I'm learning so far. I've got my, my own business

right now. It's little, but it's mine. I still working with the Accelerating Opportunity

Program. For me, I'm looking to be an engineer. I've got a few more classes to get done, and

I'm hoping that with those two classes I will finish with the Industrial Maintenance degree

and become to be finished also with the Accelerating Opportunity -program. After that, I will be

able to transfer to one of the local universities. Either Morehead or UK.

He's very determined. If there's something that he can do, he'll try to achieve it.

When I get to the Drafting and Auto Cad Design, I was thinking on utilizing those skills.

And I decided well, landscaping, that would be something that I liked. And I always liked,

you know, design, you know?

Javier Cardenas is a great example of how the Accelerating Opportunity program can assist

someone in travelling down that road to success.

I've got my, my beautiful family. It's three little kids. Eddie, Scarlet, and Camilla.

Sometimes it's difficult. It's just, you know, it's -- it's difficult to get all those things

done. But one, one thing that I learned on the classes is to become a good leader it

takes sacrifice.

And English is not his primary language. So, you know, he had obstacles he had to overcome.

I've been around many good people. The advisors, the teachers, the family, my work at Stober,

and you know, all that support I will -- no I mean I think I know for sure that I'm going

to miss it. It's changed my life in different ways. You know, I got new goals.

I definitely know that the future is going to change once I get, you know, out of the program.

It helps me also to look forward and try to reach a dream, you know. That program it been changed

my life completely. It also give me the booster to learn more. I think the program has been

a very strong foundation for whatever I want it to be. You know, let's hope that my kids

get the good example and be better than me. I hope they don't wait till, you know, my

age to start from zero ground. Even though I am 42 right now, I don't feel like that

I'm 42. I think that's an opportunity for, that's an opportunity for a lot of people

that they think they are old. I don't think you ever get old to keep learning.

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The team teaching perspective on Accelerating Opportunity

My name is Missy Bishop and I'm the technical instructor for Office Systems Technology at

Maysville Community Technical College.

My name is Christina Sandoval, I am an adult education instructor here at Maysville Community

and Technical College and I team teach in the Accelerating Opportunity program with Ms. Bishop.

The first few weeks, they're, they're nervous they're hesitant and then as the class begins

to develop and they become more confident and, and they start to understand what we're

going over then it's, it's like they blossom and they, they really look forward to the

class. The biggest advantage I see is I, I see that the students are more engaged because

they actually have instruction upfront and then the team teaching part kind of throughout

the classroom where that they're able to actually have the one-on-one attention. A lot of times

you have students that in a traditional classroom, without the team teaching they may not

necessarily ask a question, you know they would probably just sit there and struggle

because they, they don't want to interrupt or they just may be they're just shy or hesitant

about, about seeking help and the team teaching approach Christina sees when they're struggling

and they, she can actually go to them.

They feel more comfortable. They don't have to step outside of their comfort zone by raising

their hands or, or speaking out because people are shy, you know so you go to them and just

eliminate that right there to where they don't have to feel uncomfortable. A lot of the students

who are in the Accelerating Opportunity program are like nontraditional students. Basically

this means that students who are older not right out of high school.

When you get to know these students and you see what they come from, you know we have

students going through bankruptcy, with divorce, single parenthood and lost jobs, lost wages

and, and then when they have this sense of achievement and they, and they build the confidence

it, it gives me very nice feeling of satisfaction. I think our Accelerating Opportunity students

have better attendance. They're, they're in class because they know they're getting the

help that they need and I think they know that we expect them to be there. I don't know

if you'd call a family effect, but it just seems like it's a more cohesive group and

that and that, and even when Christina may be helping one student then I've, I've noticed

that they've started helping each other as well.

That closeness that they develop also becomes is a smaller class you know with the, this

type of college classes aren't so large. So it's easier to get to know your fellow students

and, and to work with them. Part of the goal of the Accelerating Opportunity is to allow

students who want to pursue a trade or diploma or degree that may be have tested into some

type of a developmental course to allow them to kind of bypass those developmental courses

temporarily so they can work with their local adult education program typically within a

year period. The work that they've done with education will allow them to test higher on

the COMPASS test which is the entrance test for the KCTCS College so then they don't have

to behind and be in school a year or two longer.

What really surprised me was how you know at first a lot of the students who come into

this program really are just wanting to pursue a certificate or diploma, the surprise for

me was how many of them later changed their minds that no I'm going to take this further,

I want a degree in this, associate's degree, I want to pursue this to a bachelor's degree

to transfer to another college. I would highly encourage anyone thinking about team teaching

with Accelerating Opportunities to pursue it.

Student success is obviously the goal in every classroom.

Having Christina in the classroom you know just even with the various skill levels, you

know we're able to work together and get the students on the same page and it gives us

such a feeling of satisfaction just seeing you know like the light bulb effect, going

off over the head and, and seeing understanding that you know the team teaching effect causes.

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You're never too old to go to college: Tracy's story

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I graduated high school in 1984 and within a year I was a mother

so my goal was to concentrate on my kids.
And then eight years ago I was in an automobile accident and had to have a change of employment.

I had been out of school for 28 years when I started college for the first time. With the Accelerating Opportunities program, getting my certificates, learning the Medical Billing and Coding is going to help me further my education and show that you are never too old to learn anything new.
We are just such a small group. We've got all each other's cell phone numbers, we've got each other on Facebook, emails. With this program it's brought us all together like a family.

So it's kind of a new adjustment for all of us so we are just kind of all each other's backbones.
In Medical Terminology we had our instructor and then we had an instructor assistant and with her help, she would help us with like handouts. She also worked in Adult Ed.
So with the two Adult Ed. along with Accelerating Opportunity we had that structured reinforcement.

In the 12 months we will have four certificates.
They definitely give you the encouragement and the motivation to get it done, to complete it, to get a good grade.

With master advising, they would walk us through instead of just sending us to the financial aid department, they would actually walk us through filling out the FAFSA.
My middle daughter, she is currently in college and she is going to be in our Anatomy & Physiology class come fall. She is going to be in the same class so it's going to be a whole different story with my daughter and my friends from the Accelerating Opportunity program all in the same class. That's going to be neat.
Now I'm going to have a college education at 46 years old thanks to the Accelerating Opportunity progam.
If you are at that dead-end job, and you want something different to do, it is there and it can be done.

Accelerating Opportunity Pathways: Air Conditioning Technology, Allied Health/Nursing, Automotive Technology, Health Science Technology, Industrial Maintenance, Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mechatronics, Medical Assisting, Office Systems Technology, Welding Technology. More programs are being added.
Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky is a partnership of: Kentucky Adult Education, Kentucky Career Centers, KCTCS
Supported by: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Open Society Foundations, Jobs for the Future, National College Transitions Network, National Council for Workforce Education, Washington State Board of Community & Technical Colleges

Marticia earns GED while working towards the Basic Healthcare Foundation Certificate

My educational history, I dropped out of school

in the 9th grade and later on in life, I decided I wanted to go back to school, and I just

wanted a better life for myself. I didn't want to stay in the same type of rut. I wanted

to go back. I was struggling with my math. That was one of my main issues. I was struggling

with my math. I really wanted to get my GED and I was determined. I said failure is not

an option. I knew that I could do it and I did it. I'm excited about that to be able

to walk with my little cap and gown. I'm excited about it.

Last semester, she just got her GED which was a huge accomplishment for her but watching

her prepare for that and again, like tackle all of the time constraints that she had.

She had to keep up in her regular classes and work on the GED. And she's got children

at home and grandchildren. She's got so many things going on. I think the other students just admire that quality in her.

I tried several different programs but later

on this was my 3rd attempt. I went to another class for like a week and I wasn't as successful

but this time I stuck to it. I stuck to it. I had a better teaching environment. The instruction

was to where I could understand it because I'm a more visual person. With this teaching

environment, with the Accelerating Program, what made it different was they push you.

They push you because they know that you can do the work and you will also have a skill

at the end of it. If you have a problem, if you sit down and talk to them or call them,

e-mail them, they're more than willing because they know that life comes up. If you're surrounded

by positive people that are willing to help you to succeed and to achieve your dreams

and your goals, you're gonna move. I have my CPR certification, my allied health certificate.

I think she has come to realize that education is not just something you do, it's something

you -- she's going to be doing. I think she realizes there's not an end for her.

Right. That she will constantly be learning.

And I mean I see her set some like pretty lofty goals for herself that I know that she

didn't have in place before the program. So just personal growth. Just, you know, her

interests have expanded and with that, you know, her possibilities will too.

I see myself working in the medical field 5 years from now, 10 years from now.

I've planned on going to school to be a physical therapist. It's given me a hope and a future.

You know to know that I really can get back into school and to do something with my life,

to be what I want to be in life. Accelerating Opportunity means success in life.

It's a great career plan. I would recommend it to anyone that was interested in furthering their

education, developing skills, I would recommend it.

If I did it, you can do it.

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Chico earns GED while enrolled in Accelerating Opportunity

Well I just had tenth grade education at first. And so I just decided to go back to school,

and the AOKY Program was a good program for me to get started because I had tried before

in the past, and it didn't work. And I just tried to get my GED. And I just needed a little

bit more support. And the AOKY Program helped me with that.

He walked in I think wanting to make a better life for his kids and wanting to have a , set

a better example for them.

My mom, she's proud of me. She's proud of me. And I enjoy being able to help my kids

because at first I could, I wasn't really good in math, but once I went back to school

this time around, for some reason it just stuck in my head and it makes more sense.

It makes, I can see the whole picture. I just had teachers that just taught me a way that

I've never been taught before. And I don't know if it's because I'm older, and I'm getting

it now, but, just when I was young I didn't really have a lot of guidance. I just gave

up. I just, I don't know, I didn't go to school [laughs]. But now I'm happy to go to school.

His critical thinking and how he approaches looking at things has really changed. And

I think that's not only just because of the program, it's, it's his classmates. I think

his classmates have, you know, pushed him to become a new person too.

We always work in teams, and I like that because it gives the students a chance to get to know

each other and fellowship and help each other out. You know, we come together and learn

together, so I think that's a good thing. The difference is, just like I said, it's

just more support. I just felt more important and supported and I just feel like I have

people behind me, they believed in me just as much as I believed in myself. So I can

say the difference is the first time I was in school it was a well if you learn it you

do you don't, if you do good for you. But now it's like no you're going to learn this,

and I know you can and don't give up and just implement it in to my head.

In talking to him before the program he wasn't interested in healthcare at all. But now in

talking to him, he's all, he's a healthcare enthusiast. He, you know, he sees himself

in this field for the long term, so it has been interesting watching him, you know, developing

and trying to change his career goals too. At first I just wanted to work and have a

family, but now I want more than that. I guess over the course of time I just, I didn't really

not, with not having an education, and I didn't really have a strong dream. But now that I

feel that anything is possible about going to college or not. I just needed more money,

and my mom, I just wanted to know more about her condition. She's paralyzed now, so she

kind of inspired me to get into nursing. And she was in a nursing field too. So you can

do it. It's not that if you have the time. You got the time to do it. You just got to

make the time. You just make a sacrifice. Like one of the teachers told us you're sacrificing

your present now for a better future. Accelerating Opportunity means there's no limit to what

you can do. It's just keep going and there's no stop. There's no end to what you can learn.

So that's how I take that.


Teen mom gets a chance for a better life: Ebony's story

(music playing) Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky

I had gotten out of high school and I had gotten pregnant but when I had my daughter it really put a hold on everything that I applied. I mean I never thought I could get this far. I didn't think I'd ever go back to school.
Accelerating Opportunity has given me another chance at life. A better life at that. Because it works around my work schedule, it works around my whole daily life because the classes are short - they are only three days a week - and I'm able to find somebody to watch her for three hours, four hours a night and for me to come to school and then plus work my job on the other side.

Our first teacher that we have on Mondays and Wednesdays she's more into the, you know, teaching us about the childcare facilities and working with children and stuff like that. On Tuesdays, he more teaches us about like writing and reading. I mean I like the two different schedules because I get different learning experiences both days.

I live an hour and 15 minutes away. I mean, yes it is a long drive, but it is worth it. At the end of the day I know I've learned something, and I know that I'm going to do something with my life.
Before I started the program I applied to the daycare and they told me "no," I didn't have any experience. But I started the program, I finished my first class and they said "okay, you are getting your CDA," you know, "you are more than willing, and you are more than capable of doing what we do around here." So this class has helped me get a better job.

I want to be a preschool or kindergarten teacher. That's what I really want to do. I have to finish this class and go into another class, the third class, and get my CDA and then I can go on to get my Associate's.
I want to show people that I can do it. You know, because from where I'm a single mom and most people are like "no, you can't. What about your child?" I want to do better for my daughter. Having a skill, it opens up different careers. I'll definitely have a job for life!
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(music playing) Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky is a partnership of: Kentucky Adult Education, Kentucky Career Center, KCTCS
(music playing) Supported by: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Open Society Foundations, Jobs for the Future, National College Transition Network, National Council for Workforce Education, Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

Reinventing myself for a new career: Richard's story

Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky

I was having trouble getting a job. You know, the job market is tough.

Accelerating Opportunity has given me a chance to pursue a new career.

It's accelerated and it's condensed and it teaches the hands-on approach with cars.
I have to reinvent myself sort of, get into a different career and it's a real high demand job right now.
You have to make a decsion, you're, if you are going to get a career, you have to be trained.

Everything is technical now... as far as... I can't think of anyting right now where you don't have to have some type of training either on the job or in the classroom and it has to be vocational or it has to be educational.
I guess if you have not done something in a while, that first day you have a little bit of nervousness that's about it. The nervousness lasted about five minutes. It's pretty laid back.

You know, we are going to get to a point where we are also going to practice doing interviews and if people aren't very good at interviews it's like people who don't take tests well they're there, the educational teacher is there for that reason to help you along with that and mentor you.

I mean, it just depends. What do you want? Do you just want to sit around and try to get a job or go out and get some training and get into a high demand field?

I hope to get my ASE Certification in all eight areas, which would make me a Master Technician. Not only would probably commandeer higher pay, but I could open my own business.
You know, you can do a lot of different things, and for some reason, cars get more difficult every year and they change so I think job security is there.

I'll have a career for life!
If someone is in high school right now, or out of school, doesn't really want to get all those student loans, and really doesn't really want to do the school scene, then this Accelerating Opportunity program is probably custom fit for them.
It's short. It's condensed and it's technical, and it will get you in the door.It's not going to make you an expert, but it will get you in the door for a good full-time, permanent job and you could have a career for life.

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(music playing) aoky.kctcs.edu

(music playing) Accelerating Opportunity is a partnership of: Kentucky Adult Education, Kentucky Career Center, KCTCS

Supported by: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Open Society Foundations,  
Jobs for the Future, National College Trainsitions Network, National Council for Workforce Education, Washington State Board of Community & Technical Colleges

Accelerating Opportunity led to a job for Jonathan

(music playing) Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky
I guess where followed college pursuit is through a four-year university, and it really was not working for me. It kind of felt like I was wasting time.

Started to look at the people around me, and those that didn't have a college degree or any kind of certification to get their foot in the door, their lives aren't going anywhere.

He went to college and it wasn't really a fit, but I wanted to see if I could help him find the right pathway for a better future, and when I saw this program I thought, "This is a fit!"
Accelerating Opportunity pushed me to the front of the line in comparison to the other candidates for the job I was interviewing for.

Honesly, I applied for Valvoline so much that the website wouldn't allow me to apply anymore.
I got in this program and a couple of weeks later and I got a call, you know.

I did a over the phone interview that went well. I told them about this program.

I got the in-person interview. Week after that, I was in work so it was a really good opportunity for me.

It was a short program. It was fun. There wasn't a lot of beating around the bush with the program; we got straight to it, and I like that.
To design these programs that get people back into the workforce in a short period of time.

You know, people have a difficulty I think sometime dealing two to three years of training to get into workforce.

My instructor, he made learning enjoyable, you know. It wasn't like class, it was something to do that was fun and I like that about the program.

I saw real confidence coming to him, that you know "I found the pathway," that you know, "I can make it now."

He's talked about having his own business, his own garage or just... you know. So he has the ability to do that if he has the training.

I heard my whole life that you have to go to a university in order to be successful, and...ah...so that's what I did. I really went to college for other people and when I went to this program it was something that I could do for me that I would enjoy.
This program has unlimited opportunity for employment, for retraining the workforce and creating jobs for the future.
Accelerating Opportunity was a jumpstart for my future!
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(music playing) aoky.kctcs.edu

Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky is a partnership of: Kentucky Adult Education, Kentucky Career Center, KCTCS

Supported by: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Open Society Foundations, Jobs for the Fture, National College Transition Network, National Council for Workforce Education, Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges

GED Graduate goes to college: Regina's story

(music playing) Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky

I quit school when I was a junior in high school, and I became a mom.
I'm 35 now. My sister encouraged me to come here for my GED.
I didn't think I could do it. I had been out of school way too long. When I walked into the Adult Ed. I thought that they were going to look down on me. They didn't look down on me. They were there to help.
After I got my GED, the instructors up there asked me what I wanted to come to school for. All I ever knew in my life was nursing, so I wanted to come to school to be an RN.
The Accelerating Opportunities program has opened doors to opportunities that were shut on me.

Now I've got a chance. I know I'm going to continue my college courses to get a degree. But with the certificates it gives me the opportunity to be able to go out and get a job.

I don't have to look at her now, at my daugher, and tell her "I can't do that." I can say, "I don't know that answer, but we can figure it out!"
You have more than just one instructor; you have two instructors and they work together. It helps us with developmental but while we are in the core program it also helps us with the Accelerated Opportunity classes that we have to work with. We are all family. We all have each other's cell phone numbers now. That's the good thing about this program, it keeps you together with one group of people that you are comforable with. You are not scattered all over the place.

Just do it, because once you do it, you won't regret it. But if you don't do it, and you just sit there "well I really want to, but I can't." Never say "I can't." We don't say "I can't" in the Accelerating Opportunities. We say, "I can and I will!"
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