Since Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky was launched in 2012, it has helped many students succeed in their quest for postsecondary credentials and a family sustaining career. With our continued mission to help GED seeking students find thier path, more and more students are finding success through AOKY.

AOKY Creating An Entrepreneur: Mustafa's Story

Joelle's Career Takes Off

From full-time manufacturing worker to engineer: Javier's story

Javier two years later

You're never too old to go to college: Tracy's story

Marticia earns GED while working towards the Basic Healthcare Foundation Certificate

Chico earns GED while enrolled in Accelerating Opportunity

Teen mom gets a chance for a better life: Ebony's story

Reinventing myself for a new career: Richard's story

Accelerating Opportunity led to a job for Jonathan

GED Graduate goes to college: Regina's story

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