What is Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky?
It's a college credit program for GED seeking students to help you prepare for a high demand job or to continue in college for additional certificates or degree in a related field.

Who is eligible for Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky?
Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky is open to eligible GED seeking students.

How do I apply?
Applying for Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky is easy! Just click here, fill in the form and the college contact will be in touch with you. You can also contact the coordinator directly at the college you are interested in attending.

How do I pay?
Tuition for Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky is the same as any other college course. Financial aid may be available for those who qualify. The college contact can help you figure out the program costs and if you qualify for financial aid. If you don't qualify for financial aid, the contact may be able to help you identify other ways you can get help with tuition.

How long will it take me?
It varies depending on which program you want to pursue. Some programs last for 12-16 weeks, while others can take up to a year. Visit the program page for specific information on what programs are offered at each college.

What makes this program different?
You will receive GED instruction based on the program you are enrolled in at the college. For example, if you are enrolled in a welding program, your GED math and language instruction will be related to welding. This will not only help you prepare for the GED test, but should also help you in your college courses. You will also be assigned a success coach and career coach who will help you succeed in school and help you with job search activities and referrals.

The program I'm interested in is not offered at a college near me, can I still participate?
Yes, as long as you are willing and able to travel to the college where the program is offered.

What is a Success Coach?
The Success Coach is somebody whose job it is to help you be successful in school. The Success Coach is available to help you enroll at the college, provide support, develop plans for you to meet your goals, help you stay in school, track your progress and make referrals as needed.

How will I get help with finding a job?

Your career coach will help you identify your skills, help with job searches, resume writing, career counseling and any other assistance you may need in finding a job.

Can I still work and participate in Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky?

It depends on the program you are interested in and when classes are offered. Some classes are offered during the day while others are offered in the evenings. Talk to the college contact to get more information.

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